The Myth and Purpose of White Privilege

White privilege. To sum up White privilege it is a non-existent problem, made into a problem, that now is all the sudden a massive problem to deal with. Sound familiar?
How many times have we had this propaganda from the left come around. Global warming and climate change were touted as being the same big huge problem and we needed to act really quickly or it would we the most dangerous thing on the planet. We are told that if we don’t act, we most assuredly will destroy our planet as well. I’m sorry I don’t buy the propaganda, but that’s exactly what it is.

White privilege is being pushed the same exact way. Is it a real problem? Lets put it in perspective. It is like going to a party with a lot of different groups of people. Each group of people all have similar skin colors and they’ve mixed in a few races in between. The leader of the party then announces that all white groups must intermingle and consider the other groups first, or they will be faced with a fine or kicked out.
That is exactly what the Democrats/Socialists want to accomplish and want to get done. It will be much like affirmative action, this time affecting everything else and only affecting the white race. The problem with the law is that it in itself is a racist law. It doesn’t consider the fact that the other groups are also ignoring the white group. It ignores that fact that we need to teach our kids to be kind to the other races. This law would be nothing that gross overreach and would cause so many more problems than it would solve in the U.S. It won’t help your kids be more tolerant of other races and it certainly won’t help the already racist people grow over their racism. Lets stop trying to solve non-existent problems with the government because it won’t be solved with the government.

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