Bad customers

I recently had a post from one of my followers who had a disagreement with my stance on who I’d service as customers.  I brought up an article about a tow truck owner that refused to serve Bernie customers.  I completely agree with the tow truck owner’s stance on the issue.

Here’s my top 10 list of why I agree with him:

  1. No business owner should be forced to do business with customer’s they hate
  2. As a business owner, we have a RIGHT to deny service for any reason.
  3. As a business owner, we don’t want all the customers.  Just because you are paying us some money, doesn’t mean that you are bankrupting us.
  4. If I feel like a customer is going to sue me, I will drop them faster than you can say “I’m dropping you as a customer”.
  5. Us business owners are human and we are not slaves to the general population.
  6. The dumbest argument I keep hearing is, “But what if you are the only one in town?”  That argument was valid back in the 1700’s when they had no Internet.   Back then, the people had more morals when dealing with businesses as well.
  7. I’m not a doctor and I wouldn’t take an oath to serve all customers.
  8. I don’t care if you want my services if I don’t want yours.
  9. As a business owner, I’m in it to make money.  If you’re killing my business, prepare to be dropped.  It’s harsh, but it’s a reality.
  10. Bernie Sanders followers are the type who want everything for free and are cheap anyway.  They have very little education on business and are the type of customer that just wants a freebie.  On top of that, Bernie followers are the type of people who don’t care if the economy is destroyed to get Bernie elected.  Why would I want to have them as customers again?

Bernie Sanders stickers on vehicles say one thing to business owners and that is, “I hate your business and the economy and this should be free”.  That type of customer is the exact type of customer all us business owners want to avoid.

Bottom line, don’t be a bad customer.  If you are, I’ll send you over to my competitors.  The U.S. has way too many choices these days to be forcing anybody to bake a cake against their will is both un-American and stupid.