12 Step AGW Climate Change Program

Because of all the government propaganda recently about AGW and because of all the debunked scientific data from several sources, it can be difficult to see the truth in these hard times.  Know that you are being duped by propaganda every time the government says we need to act now or else.  To help sort through the confusion, we’ve provided a free online program to help you overcome it.

Here are the steps.  Let the steps sink in to help you get over your problem with AGW and you will feel better each and every day.

1) Admit you have a problem and that AGW isn’t the problem.  Your life has become unmanageable worrying about the propaganda created by your own party.

2) Come to believe that there is a power greater than yourself that changes the climate.  We refer to that power as “The Sun”

3) Make a decision to accept the fact that we exhale Co2 and emit methane gas and that it really isn’t a big deal for the environment, despite what fear-mongering losers out there might think.

4) Make an inventory of what you’re not doing to produce more Co2.  Think of Al Gore while you are creating this list and how much hot air he’s producing every single day.

5)  Admit to yourself and to somebody else that AGW is a massive scam.

6) Become ready to realize you create Co2 and it is OK.  Also become ready to admit that gasoline and coal really aren’t that bad for the environment, but bad government policies are.

7) Humbly sit down and watch “denier” videos and start looking at the credible science.  It will help you see what’s really going on out there instead of the B.S. that you are fed by this government.

8) Make a list of scientists that have been activists and stop watching or reading their material.  Trust me on this one, you’ll feel better in just 1 week.

9) Make amends by buying gasoline in your car and not by buying a prius.   Exhale deeply for 20 minutes realizing you are helping the atmosphere by exhaling.  Recognize that the plants love you and you should embrace that too.

10) Every time you see a video promoting AGW climate change, promptly shut it down and spit at it.   Recognize promptly that it is cheap propaganda and should be treated as such.

11) Seek through meditation other alternatives to the AGW propaganda like writing a mean-spirited tweet or sharing what you’ve learned on social media about Al Gore or about Mann’s faulty math hockey stick graph.

12) Have had an awakening as a result of these steps, bring this message to other AGW activists.  They need a lot of help as they are literally denying science and reality.  Bring them back to the fold!