Democrat/Liberal hate speech and America today

One recent and dramatic change in the left is the dramatic increase in the amount and type of hate speech that they are trying to make acceptable.  This hate speech is proving to be a real problem as it is causing rioting, hate, killings, and intolerance on a massive level never seen before.
One particular site had a long list of documented hate speech by left Democrats, liberals, and every other form of the left you could find.   On Twitter, us as conservatives get called names daily.  The left equates conservative as automatically stupid, even though many of us have engineering degrees and are prominent leaders  and teachers.  Names such as #TeaBagger, RWNJ (Right wing nut job), Uncle Tom,  stupid, terrorist, and a wide range of other names.  The left believes that, if you don’t agree with them, you are racist or a Republican as well.  As a business owner, I get called names such as greedy, slave owner, and other awful names.  It makes me laugh when I read such misguided information, but also makes me scared that there are people out there that would like nothing more than to see us hurt or worse.  It’s gotten so bad that the left has now started redefining the term Capitalism to fit their agenda as well.

Article after article from left leaning individuals and organizations are filled with absolute hate about the GOP and about businesses.  Sorry about linking to some articles that are absolute garbage, but I feel it’s necessary to point out the absolute craziness that’s going on in the country.  Hate from the left was also the main factor in contributing to the death of two New York cops and the police are not happy with our politicians and agitators who are inciting the violence.  In some cases, the left even thinks it is ok to kill Republicans simply for being Republican.   The misinformation from the left is getting so bad, they even blame Republicans for creating Ebola.  It’s sad to see bloggers such as those from and get so biased and so bad, that they should be considered parody sites.  I won’t provide those links or even link to the crazy articles because it’s really that bad.

The bad part about these attacks is what they are doing to people inside the U.S.  First, it is dividing the country on almost every topic.  Some of them accuse Republicans of using this as politics.   It’s absurd to think that politicians weren’t involved in agitating the people against the police using the #BlackLivesMatter tag.  Even after the killings because of the hate speech, the Democrats tried blaming it all on, you guessed it, Republicans!

Democrats and Republicans used to get along a lot better in the past.  Now, we see Democrats and the left actively attacking and killing people in the name of a political agenda.  Republicans are called “terrorists” just for not wanting awful laws created like Obamacare.   There isn’t anything more sad to see than people forcing their ideals on each other inside America.  This is the land of freedom and choice.  We’ve never needed massive government programs before and we don’t need more of them now.  Second, the left has used the term “racist” so many times that it no longer carries weight or meaning.   The word alone carries a lot of hate in their minds, but in the process they are undermining and ruining the positive changes we all were making in that area.  Does anybody even know what the word racism means anymore?

We saw this last year how the left demonized anybody who spoke out against Obamacare.  Us who were negatively affected were told we were liars, evil, and a number of other names.  The left didn’t like hearing that somebody doesn’t like the law or doesn’t like to be a part of it because of how it affected us negatively.  Why can’t they just accept that fact?

It’s amazing how the left won’t even try to understand reality any more.  They don’t try and talk out the issues and instead fight anybody who gets in their way.  The destruction the left has created is immense and will take years to fix.  The left made sure that every single black person who got elected were not even mentioned in groups like the NAACP.  Several awesome senators such as Mia Love were elected and deserve recognition instead of being shunned by racist and intolerant people.

All Americans should stop catering to the left.  We need to not retaliate with poor words, but instead need to put our foot down and be firm as a nation against their deplorable behavior and actions against common sense.  The left got the government they wanted.  They asked for more programs, more laws, more politicians in their lives.  Now they are complaining about it and trying to make it our issue.  Their hate words are quite literally turning into deaths and rioting.  This sort of behavior costs the nation as a whole and isn’t helping anybody.  It is a deterrent from peace and is not a way to create communication.  As a nation we need to move forward, stop the fighting, but get back to the common roots of free enterprise, free market, and real freedom with responsibility.   The government won’t save us.  It was never designed to do that from the beginning and only enslaves us as it gets larger.  Hopefully, the left will cool down its rhetoric and start talking.  Until then, we don’t need to do anything or even act on what they would like us to.

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