Progressive Dictionary

Official Liberal/Marxist/Progressive Dictionary and Guide

We all don’t understand anything liberals talk about.  They seem to have a new bad idea every week from their websites they read.  Here’s a guide to help us all understand them better.

Fact – Yes, Marxists often use this word like they know what it really means.  For example, “It’s a fact that businesses should increase minimum wage and they’ll make more money.”.    We all know that is a delusional statement, but they go along with it like it is a fact.

Greedy – Don’t be confused by this term when liberals use it. It means somebody who doesn’t like paying taxes. Oddly enough, no liberals like paying taxes, but if conservatives didn’t pay them, most liberals would probably die off.

Liberal – Some liberal/Progressive/Marxists are abandoning the word “Liberal” now.  The word liberal can also mean “Brainless idiot” or “Mindless Sheep”.

Racist – Not really a word anymore.  It means idiot or can even be a term of.   It is anybody who is RW, conservative, Black, white, or simple somebody who wants Voter ID.  Keep in mind that this is the term Marxists use when they’ve lost the conversation and they’ve lost to real facts.

RWNJ – Right Wing Nut Job.  This is anybody who disagrees with them.  In fact, this is anybody who isn’t a Marxist.   This term is so badly abused, like “terrorist” that they even call Democrats RWNJ’s who disagree with them.

Teabagger – Marxists often use terms that describe what they’ve turned their own party into.   They use this term on whites, blacks, conservatives, libertarians, and sometimes on their own democratic buddies.  99% of Marxists don’t understand what they’re saying, but we never gave Marxists credit for having brains anyway, right?

Terrorist – Anybody who belongs to the Tea Party or is a Koch Brother.  Keep in mind that they extended the word to anybody who disagreed with them making the word almost pointless.

Uncle Tom – Any black person that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda or narrative.  In fact, it is a REAL racist term the white Marxists use against the black right wing groups.  Marxists are generally cowards and can’t stand the fact that sane people don’t follow their narrative so they use awful terms like this one.

Evil – Don’t get this confused with the real word.  It means they don’t like something perfectly normal or it is something that they’ve been told to hate that week by talking points.

AGW – Climate change, the scariest thing for liberals above that of being decapitated.  It turns out it gets scientifically debunked every single week, but they cling to it much like a cult does their precious leader.

Hate Speech – Pretty much anything they don’t write, including when they write things such as, “all religions and people in them must die.”

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