Business and Taxes and Burger King



Businesses in the U.S. today are having a hard time competing with other countries these days due to the really high taxes that are pushed every single year to businesses.  What that means is us individuals are paying those taxes.  Businesses don’t pay taxes.  Meaning, they charge us as customers.  Burger King did an interesting thing today to help its bottom line and it was the right thing to do.   Burger King is moving to Canada.

The savings were so good that it was most likely impossible for Canada to pass up.  Unfortunately, that same scenario is happening all over the U.S.  China is a safe haven for businesses and even makes them build a headquarters or factory there as part of the move over.  It makes it hard for businesses to leave and it excellent business practice for competition.  I personally know businesses that have moved the headquarters to China.  Who loses?  Us…the American people.  We need a strong government that knows business and will try and compete with other countries.  Until then, the U.S. will always be behind in competition, innovation, and being a leader in the world.



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